TERESA team met the General Mayor of Astana, Mr. Zhenis Kassymbek

The project study area around the Small Taldykol Lakes system has been in the center of multiple debates between municipality and diverse public initiative groups. The main subject of discussion is fuelled by the rapid urbanisation of the area coupled with potential loss of natural water bodies with ecological and social value. A crucial factor in the debate is the future existence of the lakes system, with divergent opinions regarding the actual water balance in the area, especially considering the potential water intake and recharge pathways. The team of TERESA project is also trying to find out if the lakes could be integrated in the urban water management concept of the city, developing sustainable drainage systems based on natural, green infrastructure. The preliminary results were presented in 16 May 2023 to the General Mayor of Astana city, Mr. Zhenis Makhmuduly Kassymbek, and his team of experts at the city’s akimat. The meeting was productive, with Mr. Kassymbek showing interest in the suggestions presented. A second area in the city has been discussed as well, with both parties agreeing to continue works on identifying solutions for increasing the water security in Astana.

Meeting with representatives of Astana’s Akimat, 16 May 2023