Technical workshop with geological-engineering company KaragandaGIIZ on the hydrogeological characterization of Nur-Sultan subsurface conditions

On 16 February 2022, Nurlan Ongdas and Catalin Stefan met the Director Viktor Nikitovich and the Chief Hydrogeologist Amirbek Nurtoleuovich of the geological-engineering company KaragandaGIIZ. The two experts were briefly introduced to the scope of the TERESA projects and challenges related to the difficulties encountered in the characterisation of the city’s hydrogeological conditions. The company KaragandaGIIZ performed engineering-geological surveys of the entire city since 1996 and is in possession of detailed information for the time period 1996-2003. Nevertheless, the works were contracted by the Department of Architecture of the City Akimat therefore additional permission from the Akimat is required for sharing this data. Still, the short workshop with the company representatives provided very valuable information about the changes of the hydrological flows in the city over the past 25 years as result of intensified urbanisation works on both banks of the Yesil river.