Introducing the project to deputies of Nur-Sultan city Mäslikhat (local parliament)

On 18 May 2021, a very important event was organised with the support of Astana Innovations to introduce the TERESA project to deputy members of the local city parliament (Mäslikhat) of Nur-Sultan. The event was organised in hybrid mode, with most of the members of the Parliament attending physically at the Mäslikhat premises in Nur-Sultan.

On behalf of project consortium, Mr. Nurlan Ongdas introduced the objectives, methodology and the expected results of the project, also answering the questions of the audience. As result of the meeting, the Permanent Commission of Nur-Sultan city Maslikhat on construction, environment, transport, trade and housing and communal services committed to take into consideration the project presentation and recommend to Nur-Sultan city Akimat: a) to provide assistance on launching and organisation of works at two tests sites of Nur-Sultan city, b) to provide the information necessary for implementation of the pilot project, c) to create a commission from among representatives of the interested state bodies, scientific-research organizations, and deputies of Mäslikhat on management of the project, d) to appoint responsible executives of the state bodies for implementation of the project.