Interim results of TERESA project discussed during public consultations in Astana

A public consultation session was organised on 15 May 2023 in Astana to discuss the results of the project and receive feedback from the general public on the solutions proposed. The project team presented the advantages of green infrastructure and its potential for stormwater management in Astana. The integration of sustainable urban drainage systems could significantly reduce the surface runoff peak and increase the infiltration and evaporation, contributing to an increase of soil moisture and water availability in the city across the year. The general feedback was positive but questions were also risen regarding the rather low infiltration capacity of the soil in some areas of the city, as well as the potentially shallow groundwater levels. Further simulations need to confirm the extent to which solutions proposed are applicable in the study area. We thank very much the organisers for this session and for the feedback received!

Results of TERESA project being discussed during public consultations in Astana on 15 May 2023