Current state of Small Taldykol lake systems

During the last visit to the Small Taldykol lake system in October 2021, the following situation was observed: the small water bodies of Small Taldykol lake system were being filled with solid materials for land reclamation purposes, whereas bird-visitors of these lakes were foraging at remaining water bodies. The plans of the local authority to expand the city included plans to reclaim the areas formerly occupied by the lake bodies. This decision was met by public opposition and several public campaigns asking to stop these actions.

Real-estate development around the Taldykol lakes (photo: Nurlan Ongdas)
Constructions works for land reclamation are ongoing around Taldykol lakes (photo: Nurlan Ongdas)
 Untouched bodies of water in the southern part of lake systems are still hosting different bird species. On the shores of lakes visitors can meet swans, seagulls, etc. (photo: Nurlan Ongdas).
The lakes still have a recreational function as the residents of the nearby residential complexes have been visiting this place with their children for birdwatching and other activities (photo: Nurlan Ongdas)